Title: 1st green building Equipment Control Forum
Venue:  KOREA Polytechnics IV (Chung ju campus) 
Date: October 2, 2008

Recent high oil prices and climate change by the Association to respond to greenhouse gas reduction obligations forum for
KOREA Polytechnics IV (Chung ju campus)  KTENG / GS Corona was held on campus under the sponsorship of Chung ju.

Recent issues in the forum for the introduction and the Climate Change Convention of the response (Exergy engineering), and of renewable energy, solar energy and solar systems (Korea Institute of Energy Research) and experts for research and market trends the Invitation to discuss the energy usage and the whole of the country, accounting for 40% or more in the building energy conservation measures for the green building certification system to be conducted (KTENG) and introduced the technology system.

Based on the future, KOREA Polytechnics for the renewable energy and energy reduction, and actively respond to the training of education professionals through green building equipment control (AP) department and related occupations, such as the need for development progress meeting and the future, you want to reach more specific conclusions of the forum chose to 2nd.

Photo: Jung wang il (Nikon D80)