20130204.gif일정 : Date : 2013. 02. 04 ~ 08 
Inviting Member : CVRS College Mr. Manoranjan Das, India
                  Design Praxis Company Mr. Shivendu Jauhari, India

KTENG invited the university and company’s important members in India, who are cooperating with KTENG, and visited new renewable energy and air-condition &refrigeration education site. Because of that, KTENG made the global position of in that part.

1. Business meeting with buyer for establish KTENG laboratory in India
2. Member: Mr. Shivendu Jauhari, Mr. Manoranjan Das
3. Visit institute
  (1) Jeonju New Technology Training Center for small Seminar
  (2) Jeongsu Polytechnic college: Introduction laboratory which installed KTENG equipment