UKC 2013 in New Jersey, USA

Place : USA Sheraton Meadowland

Date : 2013. 08. 07 ~ 08. 11


This is annual American symposium and engineers, scientists and professors exchange the scholarship.The themes are fusion technology of various part.
This symposium is with the purpose of entry to the new market through research paper announcement and exhibition, using the KTENG‘s education equipment


1. UKC 2013 in New Jersey, USA (US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and entrepreneurship)

2. Organizers
(1) Korea-U.S. Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO)
(2) Korean-American Scientist and Enginerrs Associaor (KSEA)
(3) The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST)

3. Goal of UKC 2013
(1) Toward Harmonious World With Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship!!
(2) Program Excellence while Harmonizing Engineering, Science, and Social Science
(3) Harmonizing US-KOREA Collaboration
(4) Harmonizing academic and Industry interests Entrepreneur Track
(5) Harmonizing Human with the Nature