EECON-35 in Bangkok University (Thailand)

Electrical Engineering Conference

Date : 2012. 12. 12 14

Organizer : Bangkok University (National Electronics, Computer Technology Center)

This is international time-honoured seminar, which is related with electrical electronics opened 35 times in Thailand. KTENG sponsored this seminar with ELWE Thailand’s assistance, and exhibited LED experience equipment.

Through exhibition KTENG’S LED experience equipment that is high concern in Thailand, We promoted excellence of our technology(We received so many inquires for RMUTL University lab’s compositions.)

KTENG develped control system interlocked LED test device and tablet PC. The product became the high value product(Through that KTENG export the education program)

By exhibiting the test device for education to the international seminar, KTENG is expecting the brand PR and expanding the market size to the abroad.