The 8th International Conference on Fluid Thermal Energy Conversion 2013

FTEC 2013 International symposium participation guide

- Open schedule : 2013.11.08.-11.11

- Venue : Semarang, Indonesia(1 hour distance with domestic flight at the Jakarta)

- Chairperson : Prof. Fajar, Vicerector in Diponegoro University 

- Homepage: http://ftec.undip.ac.id/

- Verbal announcement and Post announcement

- Details

  1) Abstract Deadline:10th May in  2013(Please write with attached form into English)
  2) Whole paper submit deadline: 20th May in  2013(Please write with attached form into English) 
  3) Early registration: 20th May in  2013
  4) Submit E-mail: ftec2013@live.undip.ac.id
  5) Infortant: Please submit the abstract and Fullpaper, based on attached form into ftec2013@live.undip.ac.id in English

- Attached form

1) abstract-form-ftec-2013 abstract-form-ftec-2013.docx
2) paper_template-ftec2013 paper_template-ftec2013.docx