SFT Meeting

Kim Byung-Sam, Chairman of Low-Temperature Facilities Society and Kim Chul-Su, CEO of KTENG participated at the seminar for seeking the way of effective introduction about Korean tech to the companies related with air-conditioning & refrigeration in Thailand, a presentation of ISFT Business session, will opened on August 1, 2013, in Thailand.
And discussed specific method about upgrading on-the-job education to company’s persons, who is related with internal air-conditioning & refrigeration.

Relevant with ISFT: Discussed making the schedule, summarizing participant of Business Session Conference and showing to Thailand’s partners effective public relations. Had a plan making the schedule for on-the-spot study related with presentation.

Relevant with education for improvement of job ability to recipient:
- Suggested that participant can choose the level of education, divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.
- Suggested making rotation education progress each 2 persons at 10 companies of air-conditioning & Refrigeration, once-a-month.
Suggested that 60~70% of normal teachers in the organization and 30~40% of executive members in the organization.
Suggested that gather participant into a magazine, made by autonomously.

participant members :
- Kim Byung-Sam(Chairman of Low-Temperature Facilities Society)/ Korea Food Research Institute
- Yun Hyun(CEO of Sigma-Andi. co. ltd & Sigma Power. co. ltd)
- Lim Byung-Suk(CEO of Chun-Bo Refrigeration)