Bangladesh User Training

Training Schedule : 2013.05.15 ~ 05.23

Training Program : Renewable Energy System and Air-conditioning & Refrigeration System Theory and practice

KTENG exported the training equipment to the training center in Chittagong, Bangladesh. KTENG educated prior education to the teacher, who will teach that training in the Chittagong.

- Introduced Korean excellent technologies when they came to internal refrigerator & freezer factory.

- Made a system about plumbing, banding, welding and etc.

- Through this, KTENG passed down the knowhow about A/S and maintenance of related with that part.

- Also, educated theory training and initiate training contents introducing & practice and application of equipments into them.

- Discussed additional support for senior teacher and necessary things in training centers, Bangladesh, and agreed to seminar, user training and marketing method each other.