APEC Countries Training

Training Period : 17. June, 2013~ 05. July, 2013

Training Organizer : Global Skilled Worker Promotion Center, Global Human Resources Development Service of Korea

Training members : 2 vocational training teachers in APEC per one country, totally 24 persons(Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippin, Chile, China, Thailand, etc)

Training Job : Air-conditioning & Refrigeration and IT

Training Place : NTC(New Technology Training Center)

Training Process : Theory and Practice of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration system and Renewable energy system

KTENG progressed the Training of Theory and Practice about Air-conditioning & Refrigeration system and Renewable energy system with success in the New Technology Training Center, Korean Polytechnic Colleges.

Through the enough training about principle of refrigeration, KTENG get understanding the total refrigeration system. Also KTENG will introduce renewable energy and make the best use of that.

Through this training, KTENG have a plan to let the world people know that Korean technical superiority of this field, and will concentrate on improving the international image of related Korean Technology