Scheduled open the ISFT 2013

Open Date : 2013.08.01.~08.03

ISFT, which will be open 2nd, is international seminar among Korea and Thailand.
The first symposium was opened at the Kyungsang University in Korea.From Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, 100 persons will participate at the symposium to the project of Fusion Technology

1. 2nd International Symposium on the Fusion Technologies between Thailand and Korea

2. Scale
(1) Participants: 50 people from Korea/ 50 people from Thailand
(2) Paper: Approximately 150
(3) Nationality: Korea, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore and so on.

3. Programs
(1) Registration
(2) ISFT2013 Program
(3) Welcome Dinner
(4) Official Tour in Thailand
(5) Closing