Title : Green building equipment control (new & renewable energy) education program connection the second forum
Place : KOREA Polytechnics IV (Chung ju campus) seminar room 
Date : February 17, 2009, 09 o'clock 30 minutes ~ 15 o'clock

Forum  for introduction and learning and general observation inside about climatic change convention and new & rewable energy conservation was enforced to backyard of KTENG by KOREA Polytechnics IV (Chung ju campus) management.

Discussed about CDM business eastern exposure of relevant law and system and new re-energy conservation for climatic change convention eastern exposure inviting Exergy engineering's professional speaker regarding climatic change convention, and progressed forum about necessity of importance and connection learning and general observation of new re-energy conservation through connection learning and general observation inside, connection occupation development etc.. is introduction and new & renewable energy.

Hereafter, we decided to execute the third forum for education system development that consider special quality of Polytechnics called vocational education full text and regional special quality of new re-energy conservation of each campus.