Thailand RMUTSB Conference

Seminar place: Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi, in Thailand

Seminar Date: 01.23~27, 2013

Seminar Presentation:

"A Suggestion of Eco-Friendly and Renewable Energy City", Jung Han-Sik, Prof. of Kyungsang University "Study of Refrigeration and Renewable thermal energy Systems“ Kim Chul-su, KTENG’S CEO “Study of Renewable Power Energy and LED Light Source Systems“Kim Chul-su, KTENG’S CEO "LED Light Source Laboratory Solution" Mr. Pongsapat Wangyen (Elwe Co.,Ltd., Thailand)

Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi
Rajamangala University, similar to technology University in Korea participated at symposium professors of 9 RMUTS campus KTENG made the relationship with RMUTS, when opened ISFT2012 with Kyungsang University at September, 2012, and that university invited KTENG for special guest at the symposium opened in Thailand.

Kim Chul-Su read this seminar’s research paper, "Study of refrigeration and renewable thermal energy systems" and introduced the KTENG’S LED experiment equipment, the newest developed equipment. Through the announce, KTENG informed the Korean superiority technology and proceeded the in-depth meeting about education program support for the upgrading the training university’s related person.