Thailand for Business Meeting with ELWE

1. Visited RMUTT(Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyanburi)in Thailand
- Requested the participation of the international seminar and the exhibition for EMSES2012
- Planned about the registration for supporting the Society
- Planned the inviting Korean 3 professors and their support the presentation of thesis
- Planned marketing process about LED education experiment equipment at the Thailand
- Discussed plan of composing LED laboratory in the RMUTT.
- Discussed plan of training professors related with new renewable energy and air-conditioning &refrigeration mechatronic system in the RMUTT

2. RMUTSB (Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi, Nonthaburi)
- Discussed holding the the seminar of ISFT2013 in the RMUTSB campus(prearranged open at July~August , 2013)
- Discussed RMUT symposium plan at 23~26th, January, 2013
Agreement of exhibiting our LED education equipment and inviting the KTENG’S CEO, Kim Chul-Su and Kyungsang University’s prof. Jung Han-Sik.
Planned inviting the Korean honored Society’s chiefs as a speaker at the 2nd ISFT2013

3. Bangkok University
- Planned buying the hybrid exchanging electricity experiment equipment, an exhibit of World DIDAK Asia
- Offered the information of EECON-35 Seminar
- Visited the Bangkok University’s Lab and Development room
- Effectuation our company's New renewable energy marketing